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Providing easy navigable escape routes is vital in order to make your passengers survive. We can deliver complete projects or partial supplies.
"The optimum emergency wayfinding systems and signage choice for passenger ships, cruise vessels, public and commercial buildings, road and rail tunnels, offshore rigs, merchant ships and industrial complexes".

Company profile of Metal Safe Sign Int.

Metal Safe Sign offers a wide range of photoluminescent (PL) products and services aimed at the emergency wayfinding markets both on land and at sea, for public and private use. Our Metal Signage System product range is based on our highly potent Strontium Aluminate pigment MSS-SA-GY (non-radioactive), and ranges from complete specification and installation of low location lighting systems to providing photoluminescent signs and paints. We also supply raw-materials (pigments and silk-screen print ink) for customers whishing to produce photoluminescent products themselves. Digitally designed full color Emergency Plans, and Fire Control and Safety Plans for ships and buildings guarenteed in compliance with the rules and regulations for said object, are also part of our offered services.

You can contact us electronically or use our contact information found at the bottom of all our web-pages.

IMO 752 (18) is enforced as of October 1st 1997 stating that all escape route signs and fire equipment location markings shall be of photoluminescent material approved according to IMO Resolution MSC.61(67) ref Fire Test Procedure Code  (F.T.P.C) part 2 and 5. (More on regulations).

Metal Safe Sign's photoluminescent plates and signs have passed the rigorous SOLAS regulations (More on certificates).

  • Low spread of flame and rate of heat according to IMO Resolution MSC.61(67) (F.T.P.C) part 5

  • Low toxicity and smoke generation according to IMO Resolution MSC.61(67) (F.T.P.C.) part 2

  • Afterglow effect by measurements of phosphorescence in accordance with DIN 67510-part 1-1992

We have tested our products in ambient lighting down to 15 lux and still have an afterglow effect well above the required 2 mcd/m2 after 60 minutes. (More on test results).

With high quality photoluminescent pigments like ours, the afterglow effect is so good that it is possible to reduce the required 75mm width on LLL (IMO Resolution 752(18)) to be only 50 mm, thus making it attractive to naval architects and interior designers.

Metal Safe Sign is dedicated to provide the best solutions possible for its customers. High quality coupled with an efficient organization makes this possible through extensive cooperation with our customers. Providing emergency wayfinding solutions, both in regard of products and services, tailor-made to the specific customer is our aim.

Through the use of our Strontium Aluminate (non-radioactive) photoluminescent product-range (pigments, LLL, signs, paints) and related services (emergency, fire control and safety plans and digital archive systems), we can offer you as a customer a complete package that ensures that all your safety concerns are satisfied according to regulations and legislations.

Photoluminescent emergency wayfinding systems provide a maintenance-free and a no-hassle system for safe evacuation of personnel on ships, in tunnels, buildings or even in airplanes. The introduction of new Strontium Aluminate pigments has made a quantum leap for the photoluminescent wayfinding systems. The now obsolete zinc sulphide pigments are not even comparable to the results achieved by our products. Furthermore, the safety hazard (toxic fumes and smoke) from the use of PVC or vinyl in these offered systems are eliminated through Metal Safe Sign's use of recycled aluminum.

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Latest news:
Third generation photo luminescent paint now available. Ideal for crew quarters, engine rooms, industries, tunnels and other enclosed areas!

Ceramic tiles for use in floors, walls and ceilings where the use of paint, low location strips or other solutions are not feasable.

Photos of directional signs before mounting

Brannfarlig isolasjon i bytunnel (Norwegian only).

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