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Metal Safe Sign offers a complete range of high-quality photoluminescent products with high-potent Strontium Aluminate pigments and services that will fulfill all your needs:

  • Signs and markings (learn more)
    Photoluminescent emergency, information and guidance signs

  • Vinyl PVC-sheets (learn more)
    Photoluminescent Vinyl PVC sheets with a semi-glossed surface. Also fire-retardant versions.

  • Paints (learn more)
    Photoluminescent paints ideal for crew quarters, engine rooms, industries, public areas.

  • Safety way guidance systems (SWGS) - LLL (learn more)
    Continuous markings of escape routes with indications of directions

  • Symbol decals for electrical emergency markings (learn more)
    Triple security for electrical emergency lighting

  • Ceramic and glass signs/markings (learn more)
    For use in connection to floors, walls and ceilings where the use of paint, low location strips or other is not feasible. Our photoluminescent glass signs can be utilized with or without our PL Ceramic Tiles in subway stations, cars and tunnels where heavy cleaning detergents are used!

  • Profiles and stair-noses for signs/markings/strips (learn more)
    A wide range of profiles for mounting signs, strips etc.


Our products together with our extensive services enable Metal Safe Sign to fulfill all our customers' needs from small orders to large projects involving outfitting of emergency wayfinding systems aboard cruise vessels or e.g. in hotels, to providing advice on using PL paint in an industrial setting.

Supplies for manufacturing photoluminescent products

  • Pigments - High quality strontium aluminate pigments for production of own products

  • Silkscreen ink - high-quality ultraviolet curing screen ink that our customers may use for their own production of photoluminescent products

How to compare test-results from suppliers of photoluminescent products
Metal Safe Sign makes products for real-life applications, not for laboratory tests. We therefore test our products in normal lighting conditions (e.g. 25 lux) in order to make sure our products still pass the necessary requirements for saving lives. Ask other suppliers of the same and ask for their measurements at normal light instead of 1000 lux which is done in the DIN 67510 measurements (the 1000 lux measurements are usually the test-results one receives).

What is?
What is photoluminescence? What is path-way markings? Read more in the article: "Escape from New York – The Use of Photoluminescent Pathway-marking Systems in High-Rise Office Buildings"


Third generation photo luminescent paint now available: Re-Light
Metal Safe Sign's third generation high-quality photo luminescent paint is now available for our customers. This is a new development based on the high performance MSS-strontium aluminate pigments and a new, high tech epoxy binder. The binder system contains no solvents or allergenic components and has very good adhesion to most common building materials. Ideal for Low Location Lighting (LLL) in crew quarters, engine rooms, public buildings, tunnels and other enclosed areas. The EG 75 will glow with a strength of 600 millicandela/m2 after 10 minutes when fully charged with 1000 Lux and be visible in a dark room for more than 100 hours if applied in thicker layers (>1 kg/m2 ) (Read more)

Water penetration in photo luminescent products
Metal Safe Sign has developed a new pigment that prevents water penetration (in e.g. humid and damp areas like tunnels etc), thus avoiding de-lamination of PL-signs & LLL-products often found in most of the available photo luminescent signs, paints etc on the market. Metal Safe Sign uses these pigments in our brand new “Safety Way Guidance System” products, produced with our “Encapsulated, Strontium Aluminate, Phosphorescent Pigments.” The pigment has our highest afterglow properties!

Ceramic tiles with excellent photo luminescent properties
Ceramic tiles which can be used in already existing ceramic arrangements.
Ceramic tiles for use in e.g. underground areas, subways, indoor areas and more. The tiles will, during normal light conditions provide passengers, visitors etc guidance through its green color, while during power black-outs or smoke-filled conditions, provide wayfinding possibilities for due to its phenomenal photo luminescent properties. (Read more).

Navigating our products
By using the navigation bar up to the left, learning more of our products and services should be easy. If there are products (or services) you are missing or are searching for, please don't hesitate to contact us as we are here to find a solution to your problems! (You can also search our entire site by entering search words at the top or bottom of all our web-pages).

Online catalogue
You can also visit our online catalogue that enables you to indicate your required volume of e.g. standard signs in order for us to provide you a price-quote. Be sure to visit our disclaimer page too.

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