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Toughened photoluminescent glass signs

Metal Safe Sign introduces a new series of photoluminescent glass signs. Can be utilized with or without our PL Ceramic Tiles in subway stations, cars and tunnels where heavy cleaning detergents are used!

The glass is toughened and have high-quality afterglowing effects.

Examples of signs that can be incorporated in already existing ceramic tile configurations.

Here are some application areas:
1. tiles are already in use or are planned so that the esthetic value is maintained
2. the surface is subject to wear and tear so that ordinary signs and markings are not suitable
3. the surface need flashing or is even under water

Send request for more information.


Latest news:
Third generation photo luminescent paint now available. Ideal for crew quarters, engine rooms, industries, tunnels and other enclosed areas!

Ceramic tiles for use in floors, walls and ceilings where the use of paint, low location strips or other solutions are not feasable.

Photos of directional signs before mounting

Brannfarlig isolasjon i bytunnel (Norwegian only).

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