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Strontium aluminate pigments

Metal Safe Sign's strontium aluminate pigment, MSS-SA-III GY, is for sale to our customers wishing to utilize these pigments. This is a high-quality pigment that will enable you as a developer or manufacturer to produce products with very good afterglow-effects. You may ask for quotes on prices by sending us an e-mail, use our contact form or use our online catalogue.

Product name: MSS-SA-III GY
Product type: Fluorescent pigment

Physical and chemical properties:
Name: Strontium aluminate
CAS-no: 12004-37-4
Cons (wght%): 60-100
Products state: Powder
Color: Green/Yellow and Blue/Green
Smell: None
Density: 3,62 - 3,67 g/ml
Size: < 25 micrometer

Other information

  • The product is not flammable

  • No special precautions must be taken in order to protect the environment
    The product is by nature stable

  • Amorphous pigments chemically and biological inert

  • No known materials must be avoided

  • Will sink in water

  • All our products use this pigments

Test results

Strontium aluminate pigments - Test results

In the tables below, general test results achieved with the MSS-SA-III GY strontium aluminate pigments are shown. They will give you an impression of our product-quality.

MSS Test-results ISO 15370:2001 Annex A - 25 lux
Illumination for 24 hours. Complete darkness and reading after 10 and 60 minutes. Light-source is 25 lux. Ask competitors for their qualities in accordance with this standard.
Please note: Only 25 lux charging light, and not 1000 lux (DIN 67510) like so many other companies' use! MSS makes products for real-life applications - not laboratory tests.

25 lux - Real-life test After 10 minutes After 60 minutes
Measured results: 136 mcd/m2 42 mcd/m2

MSS Test results DIN 67510:1992 - 1000 lux
This is the laboratory test that most suppliers of comparable products refers to. MSS samples were held in absolute darkness for at least 24 hours before the samples were exposed to 25 lux for 24 hours. The following measuring results were achieved:

1000 lux - laboratory After 10 minutes After 60 minutes
Measured results: 730,0 mcd/m2 100,0 mcd/m2
Requirements: 22,5 mcd/m2 3,0 mcd/m2

All our products have passed Fire Test Procedure Code - 2 and 5 necessary for wall and bulkhead mounting in escape routes in enclosed areas. When comparing measuring and test results from other suppliers, ALWAYS ask them what their tests are based on! Test results should reflect the actual conditions where the products are to be used, and not optimal laboratory conditions (contact us for more information).

MSS Test results Measurement according to DIN 67510 Part 2 10x10 strip of LLL - 1000 lux

10x10 mm strip LLL - 1000 lux After 10 minutes After 60 minutes
Measured results: 743,0 mcd/m2 120,4 mcd/m2
Requirements: 22,5 mcd/m2 3,0 mcd/m2

Lowest visible threshold of 0.3 mcd/m2 reached after : 18030 minutes

Example of Ultra Brite quality - one of our older qualities

Our LLL-systems with the "Ultra Brite"-quality are produced with a photoluminescent layer of 300m on 0,68 mm white-enameled aluminum.
The photoluminescent effect is measured by DIN 67510 part 1 to:
170 mcd after 10 minutes and 27,8 mcd after 60 minutes product-quality.

Test results of our LLL compared to IMO 752(18)

Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority

A common misconception of the use of strontium aluminate pigments is that these pigments are radioactive. This is not the case, and Metal Safe Sign shows here the results from tests at the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority:Low-quality image of the NRPA results


Latest news:
Third generation photo luminescent paint now available. Ideal for crew quarters, engine rooms, industries, tunnels and other enclosed areas!

Ceramic tiles for use in floors, walls and ceilings where the use of paint, low location strips or other solutions are not feasable.

Photos of directional signs before mounting

Brannfarlig isolasjon i bytunnel (Norwegian only).

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