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Outdoor / tunnel signs and markings

Our outdoor/tunnel PL-Signs are produced with our High Potent, SA-Pigment which DO NOT corrode in UV-Light (Sunshine), like products produced with ZnS-pigments which will turn grey and lose their afterglow effect after 1 year when exposed to UV-Rays. The backplate can be produced according to the customer's needs; i.e. saltwater resistant aluminum or acid proof stainless steel. Contact us for more information.

These signs achieve test-results along the same lines as our indoor signs and marking (see test-results for these).

Six year after outdoor installation - Properties are just as good!
At Majorstuen Subway station, Oslo, Norway, outdoor signs have been installed. After six years exposed to the elements, the signs are still in excellent condition.





How to compare test-results from suppliers of photoluminescent products
Metal Safe Sign makes products for real-life applications, not for laboratory tests. We therefore test our products in normal lighting conditions (e.g. 25 lux) in order to make sure our products still pass the necessary requirements for saving lives. Ask other suppliers of the same and ask for their measurements at normal light instead of 1000 lux which is done in the DIN 67510 measurements (the 1000 lux measurements are usually the test-results one receives).

Our test-results
You will find our test-results on the specific product page.

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