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Providing easy navigable escape routes is vital in order to make your passengers survive. We can deliver complete projects or partial supplies.
"The optimum emergency wayfinding systems and signage choice for passenger ships, cruise vessels, public and commercial buildings, road and rail tunnels, offshore rigs, merchant ships and industrial complexes".

Publications, articles and papers

Here we present some articles and papers that may be useful reference material for you and your organization (newest items added at the top of the list). If you have some articles etc and want them posted, contact us.

  • Escape from New York – The Use of Photoluminescent Pathway-marking Systems in High-Rise Office Buildings
    The first question that someone unfamiliar with these systems typically asks is, "What does photoluminescent mean?" The question that follows is, "What is pathway-marking?" These are both understandable questions as these systems are not common in the United States. However, they are being seen more frequently each passing year. Photoluminescence is defined by the National Fire Protection Association as, "Having the ability to store incident electromagnetic radiation typically from ambient light sources, and release it in the form of visible light." Author James D. Amy, Jr., P.E.

  • The path at your feet - the shift in emergency lighting (from International Fire Protection Issue 20 - Nov 2004”
    Experience has shown that traditional overhead lighting, both normal and emergency lighting, could become obscured by smoke during a fire, a contributing factor in many high fatality fires. Close to a fire, smoke is hot and dense and rises to the ceiling. Farther from a fire, smoke may have cooled and dispersed to the point where it fills the corridor, possibly obscuring distant exit signs. Pathway marking has been recognized as a means to maintain visibility of the egress path if smoke obscures overhead lighting and signage. Unlike emergency lighting, pathway marking provides occupants with a continuous pathway delineation at their feet about how best to egress. Author: James D. Amy, Jr. Rolf Jensen & Associates, Inc., Chicago, IL USA. Direct link to International Fire Protection.

  • Safer approches to fire and life safety
    Changes to standard practices in three areas might save lives in future emergencies. But old ways could prove hard to change. This is an article found at Facilitiesnet. The three areas are:
    "Pathway Marking Can Speed Evacuation Signage and markings can play crucial role if a building loses power"
    "ADA Evacuation Question: Who Needs Help?"
    "Survival Strategies for Fire Alarm Systems"

  • Photoluminescent low location lighting systems outperform electrical systems
    This paper presents a summary of a series of four reports on safe evacuation from smoke. Written by Geir Jensen at the independent InterConsult Group.

  • Low tech markings outperform sophisticated concepts
    Laboratory results presented related to the use of electrical and photoluminescent wayfinding systems. It also contains information related to strontium aluminate pigments. Author: Geir Jensen at the independent InterConsult Group.

  • FAA's test and result from using phosphorescent marking on airplanes (pdf)
    This paper presents the US FAA's test and results from using phosphorescent marking on airplanes. This link will open in a separate browser window. Just close the window to return to this page.

  • Fire hazards and the Maritime Scene (pdf)
    This paper presents IMO regulations and how they are used in testing fire hazards. This paper is written by Björn Sundstrõm at the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute (SP). (The document found here is a copy from the SP web-site due to reports from our visitors that they have had problems connecting to SP's web-site).

  • Assesment of Photoluminescent Material During Office Occupant Evacuation (pdf)
    Based on a real-life case study during evacuation, a 52 page article was prepared. The article is in pdf-format and will be opened in a separate window. Just close the new window to return back to this page.


Latest news:
Third generation photo luminescent paint now available. Ideal for crew quarters, engine rooms, industries, tunnels and other enclosed areas!

Ceramic tiles for use in floors, walls and ceilings where the use of paint, low location strips or other solutions are not feasable.

Photos of directional signs before mounting

Brannfarlig isolasjon i bytunnel (Norwegian only).

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